Twitch streamer Axiun finally unbanned after 2-year suspension

Shay Robson
Twitch: Axiun

Partnered Twitch streamer Axiun has been finally unbanned from the platform after a two-year suspension that started in 2019. 

Going back to TwitchCon 2019, popular Twitch streamer Axiun was caught sharing his pass with others to gain access to the venue.

This prompted an indefinite ban from the platform, and two years later, the streamer has finally been unbanned from Twitch, with his account being reinstated.

Why was Axiun banned?

Axiun was originally banned at TwitchCon 2019 when a friend of the streamer was caught by security with his pass. Presumably, Axiun was lending his pass to others to gain access, which went against the rules.

The streamer claimed that it was a huge misunderstanding and that the friend was just returning the pass to him as he lost it the night previously. Axiun called out the security team and Twitch for the unwarranted ban, before going back on his word admitting that he was lending out the pass to others.

axiun twitch streamer
Twitch: Axiun
Axiun was banned from Twitch in October 2019.

Back in June, Axiun made a plea to Twitch, where he once again profusely apologized to the platform for the TwitchCon incident, admitting to his mistakes, and publicly asking for another chance.

“I have faced my punishment and have grown from it. I learned from my mistakes and am now asking for another chance. I hope one day they’ll give me a chance to redeem myself.”

The public request for another chance was met with no public response from Twitch, but fortunately for Axiun, he’s now free to once again broadcast on Twitch.

Axiun is yet to acknowledge the lifting of his indefinite ban, but we should expect the streamer’s return soonish.