Bryce Hall claims Austin McBroom still owes him $5m Social Gloves payout

Bryce Hall Austin McBroomBryce Hall/Austin McBroom

Bryce Hall claims Austin McBroom still hasn’t paid him the $5 million he’s owed following 2021’s YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event.

On June 12 Hall was McBroom’s opponent in the headline match of the Social Gloves’ so called “Battle of the Platforms.”  Austin took the win in the ring for the YouTubers that night, but since then he’s been hit with a variety of lawsuits.

Everyone from Tayler Holder, Nate Wyatt, to streaming platform LiveXLive — all claim they weren’t paid for the event. Appearing on Adin Ross’s Twitch stream, Bryce has claimed he’s still owed $5 million by McBroom as well.

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“No, I have not gotten paid, so Austin, hit me up please?” Hall said during the stream after a viewer asked if he had seen the cash he was owed yet.

McBroom and the TikTok star faced off in the headline match of the night, and apparently Bryce was set for a nice payday win or lose. The only problem is, he claims he hasn’t seen a bit of it.

After Adin asked if Hall could actually share how much money he was still owed, Bryce answered, “Yeah, like $5 mil,” to the amazement of everyone in the room.

“It’s okay, I’ll kill him,” the influencer said, before clarifying he meant he would kill McBroom in GTA Online, if he had the chance.

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Hall did reveal shortly after the Social Gloves event that he is indeed taking some form of legal action in an attempt to get paid McBroom, but like we mentioned he’s just one of many in line apparently still waiting to be compensated for the event.

Austin hasn’t replied to Bryce’s claims just yet, and given the amount of people after the ACE Family star for money might mean he’ll be staying quiet until everything is all settled down.