Ninja reveals most embarrassing moment of streaming career

Popular Fortnite star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins revealed one of the most embarrassing moments throughout his entire streaming career to his viewers during a Mixer stream on October 20.

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Ninja has spent countless hours broadcasting live to his fan base across the past few years and has had many moments where he found himself on the receiving end of the joke.

During his time streaming across platforms such as Mixer and Twitch, one moment, in particular, stood out to the popular Fortnite player, which he claims is among the most embarrassing moments of his life.

ninjaNinja’s New Years Eve event in Times Square did not go according to plan.
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After being mocked by his teammate, Reverse2k, Ninja revealed that his performance of the iconic ‘floss’ dance at his New Years event in Times Square was what caused him the most discomfort.

“My New York floss? Bro, there were millions of people flossing with me you just couldn’t see them, they were in the back.” He said jokingly, before explaining the real reason why he attempted to get the crowd involved.

Ninja explained that he had initially questioned the idea of asking those at the New Years’ event to dance with him after seeing how poor the weather was in Times Square although he was eventually convinced to give it a try, which did not go as he’d hoped.

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“To everyone that was involved in planning this I was like – “I am not going to do this if you guys can’t guarantee that everyone else is going to be doing it with me,” He expressed, reflecting on his time on the stage.

“I’m up there saying I’m not seeing enough movement, I watch that sh*t and I start sweating immediately bro, it’s so embarrassing man, it’s truly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.”

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Despite being uneasy about the situation, Ninja highlighted that the best thing he could’ve done after was to embrace the failed attempt and see the funny side in it, “Thank god I leaned so hard into that meme, I was the first person to talk sh*t to myself, it was so bad.”

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The clip of Ninja’s hilarious attempt at getting the New Yorkers to floss has since gone on to become one of Twitch’s most viewed clips of all time.

Fortunately for Ninja, his failure at the New York event had little to no effect on his overall success, as the streamer went on to break records in the following months during his switch to Microsoft’s livestreaming platform, Mixer.