Ninja explains why streamers should follow him and Shroud to Mixer

Connor Bennett

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins has explained why more Twitch streamers could and should follow him and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek in making the move to Mixer. 

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Both Ninja and Shroud ended their long-standing relationships with Twitch to send shockwaves across the streaming world and join Mixer. The Microsoft-owned platform has made in-roads in trying to take viewers from Twitch, even though they may have doubters like Dr Disrespect

The pair, who regularly attract over 30 thousand viewers each, have recently been joined by popular Destiny player Cory ‘KingGothalion’ Michael as Mixer expands its broadcaster portfolio. Yet, Ninja believes there is scope for more to follow in the footsteps – especially with the platform having such an open market as of now.

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Ninja stunned everyone when he cut ties with Twitch to move to Mixer in August.

During his October 27 stream, the former Halo professional received a donation quizzing him on Shroud’s jump to Mixer – and he responded with plenty of positives before jumping into a deeper dive of things.

With Mixer having a growing variety of streamers and a solid platform, Twitch broadcasters have an alternative that they didn’t have before

“There wasn’t a reason to leave, why would you? All the big guys are there. Now, I love this platform, it’s such a great platform, but there wasn’t a reason for any to watch it or leave Twitch unless they hated what they were doing behind the scenes,” stated Ninja.

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Ninja also pointed out that even if shroud and him aren’t online, there’s a growing crop of streamers on Twitch that can cultivate their own following as more and more viewers keep visiting Mixer.

“It’s like, hold on now, now we got another one, now we got another [streamer] – now there’s someone else to watch!” he said. “This platform is great, the streamers are great, now they [viewers] start discovering other streamers as well because they’ve been on the platform for so long.”

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Now, there’s no indication that any other Twitch megastar will be following Ninja and Shroud anytime soon, but they both moved without any forewarning.

Growing streamers may well jump across if they can see an opportunity to grow quicker than they perhaps would on Twitch, but it remains to be seen if Mixer can knock the livestreaming giant off their perch.