KingGothalion ditches Twitch to join Mixer with Ninja and shroud

Cory ‘KingGothalion’ Michael has been streaming on Twitch for six years, but decided to make the switch to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer.

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The streaming platform war of 2019 is heating up even more as following the moves of both Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek and Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins from Twitch, now we have KingGothalion making the jump to Mixer.

Gothalion is just the latest streamer to make the switch and he explained he first got into contact with Microsoft over the summer.

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Twitch: shroudGothalion joins shroud on Mixer.
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He made his announcement at the end of his Twitch stream on October 27, but also posted an announcement video to Twitter where he went more in-depth about the reasons he changed. 

“I sat down thinking this was gonna be a tough decision, but it was actually kinda easy,” he said. “It is my belief that working closer with Xbox and Microsoft is not only gonna help us propel what we’re doing but also propel what’s also has been important to the channel, which is doing good in gaming.”

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Gothalion is well-known in the Destiny community but has also made a name for himself through his donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for cancer research.

At the time of his switch to Mixer, he had amassed over a million followers on Twitch, so he’ll have to start the journey over.

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Like shroud and Ninja before him, the first month Gothalion is on Mixer will feature a free subscription for all viewers.

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His first stream will take place on October 29, and anyone looking to watch him live will have to do so on Mixer as that’s where he’ll be exclusively with his broadcasts from now on.

It’ll be interesting to see who else is planning on a switch behind the scenes as both shroud and now Gothalion caught everyone by surprise with their decisions coming just days apart from each other.

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Dr Disrespect says he was approached by Mixer first, but it’s hard to tell if that was his character talking, or if it was the man underneath the persona, Guy Beahm. 

It’s almost certain that Microsoft will be talking with and picking up more streamers as time goes on, so stay tuned for that.

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