Nijisanji EN announces Kyo Kaneko graduation as another talent exits

Kurt Perry
VTuber Kyo Kaneko showing off new outfit on stream.

Nijisanji has announced that EN Liver Kyo Kaneko is graduating from the VTuber agency becoming the first ILUNA member to call it a day.

We are barely a month into 2024 and yet this year has already proven difficult for Nijisanji. The end of 2023 saw Indonesian star Mika Melatika leave the VTuber agency and then Pomu Rainpuff followed suit on January 20, 2024.

These graduations are in addition to an ongoing controversy with Selen Tatsuki after the dragon VTuber’s cover song was privated on Boxing Day. Following that event, both Selen and Nijisanji have been silent for over a month, leaving her fans fearing the worst.

Now yet another development has surfaced with one of ILUNA’s members graduating despite debuting just 18 months ago.

Kyo Kaneko will graduate from Nijisanji next month

As first announced on X/Twitter, Kyo Kaneko will graduate from Nijisanji EN on February 17, 2024.

The post confirms, “We hereby announce that the NIJISANJI EN Liver Kyo Kaneko will graduate on 17th February, 2023 JST. Thank you for your understanding and for your support of NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN.”

The full notice continued, “After 17th February 2024 JST, Kyo Kaneko will cease all Liver activities, his YouTube membership will be stopped on 17th February JST after his graduation stream and the sale of merchandise and voice contents will be stopped gradually. We will be accepting fan letters for Kyo Kaneko until 17th March, 2024 JST.”

Explaining what this means for ILUNA, Nijisanji confirmed, “The Nijisanji EN VTuber group ILUNA will pursue their activities with Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia, Aia Amare, Ren Zotto, and Scarle Yonaguni,” confirming that the other five members are staying.

In addition to announcing his graduation, Nijisanji also used the opportunity to praise Kyo for his “unique humor, wit and creativity,” and expressed their “utmost respect for his achievements in Nijisanji EN,” implying that the two parties are splitting on good terms.

Kyo Kaneko himself is expected to reveal more in a follow-up stream held on February 1 explaining why he has come to this decision and what it means for the future.

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