Nessa Barrett & Josh Richards spark dating rumors after leaving party together

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TikTok stars Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards are sparking some serious dating rumors after the ex-couple was spotted getting cozy at a party this past weekend.

Nessa Barrett is back in the news after her recent split from former boyfriend and fellow music artist Jaden Hossler.

The two went public with their relationship in 2021, prompting a slew of outrage online from fans of their ex-partners, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis, who they had purportedly been romantically involved with at the time.

Although the backlash died down in the following year, speculation ramped up again after Barrett and Hossler confirmed they had parted ways in May 2022.

Nessa Jaden couple photo
Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler have officially parted ways after getting together last year.

After news of their breakup circulated online, Barrett was seen out on a walk with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Richards. A photo of the two instantly went viral on social media, setting off a tirade of rumors that claimed the two may be secretly back together.

However, Josh Richards denied these assertions and stated that Nessa had merely wanted to talk and “get some closure.”

josh and nessa walking
Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett were spotted taking a walk together shortly after Nessa’s split from ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler.

It looks like fans are taking his words with a hefty grain of salt, though, as he and Nessa were spotted together at a party the following weekend — and the ex-couple was getting pretty cozy, by the looks of it.

A few videos and photos taken at the function appear to show Nessa and Josh embracing one another and making close conversation on the dance floor.

TikTokInsiders Josh Nessa party
Nessa and Josh were spotting cozying up together at a party the weekend of May 21.

A text message from a person purportedly at the event, shared to popular Instagram tea page ‘TikTokInsiders,’ claims that they saw the two TikTokers “making out and dancing and grinding” — and even claimed that they had left the party together.


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While it’s unclear if these two internet stars are really back together again, their appearance at the party is certainly piquing fans’ interest… especially after Richards claimed that he hadn’t even “thought of” rekindling his romance with Nessa in a prior podcast episode.

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