Nessa Barrett addresses claims of drug use after deleted videos go viral

Nessa Barrett hits out at drug use rumors deleted tiktoksYouTube: Between Good & Evil By: Charlotte D'Alessio

TikTok star Nessa Barrett is hitting back at rumors of drug use after fans speculated she was taking certain substances in three separate videos that she quickly deleted.

Nessa Barrett is a popular TikTok creator and music artist. Due to her status as an internet star, her posts often garner a ton of attention… but her latest TikTok clips have kicked off a storm of speculation.

On May 1, Barrett uploaded three separate videos to TikTok where she opened up with her fans in a string of seemingly unrelated soliloquies. In the clips, Barrett often pauses and looks around the room and at times widens her eyes, occasionally seeming to flip between melancholic and ecstatic emotions.

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“Sometimes, I just wanna come on here and say something,” she said in one of the clips. “Talk about what I did today, or… or what I didn’t do. The thing [unintelligible] drives you crazy. I’m outta my mind. But I love it!”

“Let me tell you something — three things that saved my life,” she said in another video. “Mental hospital, God, and my cat. Just like that!”

“…so, 9:56. My [unintelligible] just wore off. When you’re alone, it’s fine. Five minutes ago I was thinking what life would be like if I was an ant. I look at things in the world and I’m like, how would I live as a rock? That would be very interesting sometimes.”

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Nessa Barrett’s viral video spark drug use speculation

Fans began to worry that Barrett was under the influence of drugs, sparking rumors that have made their way across social media. However, Barrett is denying these claims, posting a string of tweets refuting rumors of drug use.

“Lol, I can’t talk in a video or do anything without people thinking I’m on drugs lol,” she wrote in a post on May 1.

“If you count my mood stabilizers, then yes,” she said in another.

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“Why would I lie about being sober?” she added in another tweet. “People are so weird.”

“Seriously though. Would you want to be a rock?”

Barrett has also deleted all of the clips in question, which have managed to circulate around the internet on sites like Instagram and YouTube.

This isn’t the first time she’s hit back at speculation about her health, by far. Last year, Barrett lashed out at “annoying” fans for criticizing her relationship after she posed with a new guy on social media.

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