Josh Richards explains his viral outing with Nessa Barrett

Josh Richards explains viral photo with Nessa Barrett breakupInstagram: TikTokInsiders / YouTube: The Daily Stardust

Ex-couple Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards were spotted together after Nessa’s recent split from Jaden Hossler — leading some fans to think a romance was being rekindled.

Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards took over headlines last year due to a TikTok love quadrant that resulted in hurt feelings and accusations of cheating.

Things kicked off after Nessa appeared in a music video with Jaden Hossler in 2021. At the time, Hossler was dating his on-again, off-again girlfriend Mads Lewis.

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Around this time, Hossler and Lewis unfollowed each other on social media, with Lewis making some damning Tweets that appeared to hint at infidelity on Hossler’s side.

Mads Lewis comments on Nessa Barrett Jaden Hossler dramaMads Lewis, Instagram
Mads Lewis commented on the drama surrounding herself, Jaden Hossler, and Nessa Barrett in a heated social media post.

The drama ramped up even further when Hossler and Nessa Barrett went public with their relationship — a turn that also hurt TikToker Josh Richards, who had been dating Nessa at the time and has since claimed that Nessa cheated on him with Hossler.

It appears that their relationship was not to last. A year later, both Hossler and Barrett published a statement to social media confirming their split (as well as debunking any claims of creating a “publicity stunt” for Barrett’s upcoming album).

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Nessa breakup Jaden Hossler instagram storyInstagram: nessabarrett
Both Nessa and Jaden posted the same statement to their Instagram stories.

In the grisly aftermath of their breakup, something curious happened: Josh Richards was seen out on a walk with Nessa Barrett, instantly sparking speculation that the two could be potentially rekindling their past romance.

Unfortunately for fans, this is not the case. Richards spoke out on the viral image of him and Barrett in an interview with paparazzi from the Daily Stardust, claiming that Barrett had wanted to talk with him to get “closure” on their breakup last year.

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Josh Richards shuts down Nessa Barrett dating rumors after viral photo

“I was on a dog walk and she wanted to talk,” he said of the photo. “And so we went on the dog walk and talked. Kinda to get some closure and everything.”

That’s not all; Richards all but confirmed that he and Barrett most likely won’t be getting back together, in spite of fan theories.

“I feel like that’s a crazy thing to say,” he answered when asked about the possibility. “I don’t think so.”

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For now, it’s looking like things have finally been smoothed over for this ex-couple as hype builds for a possible appearance from Nessa Barrett on the BFFS podcast with hosts Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy.