Dixie D’Amelio claims Josh Richards “is thinking” about dating Nessa Barret again

Instagram: josh RIchards, Dixie D'Amelio

As the rumors surrounding Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett swell, the concept of the two reigniting an old romance is attracting attention. TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio chucked her two cents in on the most recent episode of the BFFS podcast. 

Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards were two sides of a messy love rhombus in 2021. Since then, the situation has continued to devolve and provide consistent fire to the speculation surrounding them.

Following the two being spotted in public, the rumor mill has been working overtime with suggestions as to what the reconnection could mean.

Arguing against the outing meaning anything, Richards has been uncharacteristically coy surrounding the whole situation. But fellow social media celeb D’Amelio believes there’s something to it.

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Dixie D’Amelio chimes in on rumors

With the TikTok superstar and friend of all involved on the most recent episode of the BFFS podcast, the group wasted no time digging directly into what is going on between the tumultuous pair.

Playfully poking her co-host from the outset, Brianna LaPaglia threw:  “I for one would like to see you back together,” at Richards right out of the gate.

Dixie shut down Josh’s suggestion that the thought hadn’t crossed his mind by saying: “Oh you’ve definitely thought about it.”

Following a push from Dave Portnoy to call Nessa live on the podcast and squeeze more of the information surrounding the situation, Dixie clarified her thoughts by saying: “I feel bad for all of you really. For having it all on the internet.”

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Topic starts at 6:25

Further speculation was pushed by Portnoy, as the forty-five-year-old tagged the conversation with the declaration: “I think you guys have probably hooked up. I have no proof, everyone lies to me anyways.”

Without any direct information on whether the TikTokers have anything more than a platonic relationship, Richards claimed: “I don’t know if we’re friends yet.”

It’s clear that this time around they are playing their cards close to their chest.