What is the TikTok Old Grannies trend? Prank meme goes viral

an image of old grannies tiktok trendTikTok: marquaythegoat, Creatista

TikTok users are pranking all their friends as part of the Old Grannies trend, but what is this comical meme all about? 

TikTokers are always looking to play practical jokes, which often lead to some wild interactions. One of TikTok’s more popular memes, known as the Old Grannies trend, has TikToker’s attempting to lure their friends into an obscure internet rabbit hole.

Before someone tries to play this funny joke on yourself, here’s all you need to know about the Old Grannies meme.

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an image of old grannies tiktok meme trendTikTok: McPlayGT
The Old Grannies TikTok trend has spawned plenty of hilarious reactions.

TikTok Old Grannies trend explained

The Old Grannies TikTok trend originated back in 2020 but has seen a resurgence on the platform. The trend sees TikTok users ask their friends or family to search the phrase “Old Grannies” on Google, which will supposedly show some revealing or bizarre images of elderly people.

Due to the crude nature of the TikTok meme, many users who fell for the prank have warned others by saying they “regret” searching the phrase.

However, depending on the search settings some TikTok commenters have in place, many have been spared from the trend’s wrath.

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Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

TikToker’s @McPlayGT and @marquaythegoat are among some of the most popular videos within the trend, amassing over 2 million views respectively.

One commenter @dxvrek said on @marquaythegoat’s video: “I know everyone here went to safari and searched it up.”

Another TikTok commenter added: “I almost searched it but then I read through comments and they said it was scary so nope.”

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Next time you’re exploring the internet, perhaps it’s best to stay away from this part of it.

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