Nessa Barrett sparks health concerns as singer looks “unrecognizable”

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TikTok star and singer-songwriter Nessa Barrett has sparked concern among her fanbase, claiming the influencer looks “unrecognizable” due to her weight loss.

Nessa Barrett is a prominent TikTok creator and budding music artist, boasting two EPs and a full-length album on top of multiple live performances.

While Barrett has endured quite a bit of scrutiny throughout her career due to her romantic relationships and internet drama, the singer is now sparking concern from viewers due to her recent public appearances.

Comments underneath her latest TikTok videos show a slew of netizens pleading for the TikToker to “get help” as listeners are left worried for her health.

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Nessa Barrett has been open about her struggles with her eating disorder in the past.

Nessa Barrett “unrecognizable” in viral concert clip

Footage taken from one of Barrett’s live performances in December 2023 has sparked an outcry from fans who claim that the singer looks “unrecognizable” on stage.

In the video, Barrett wears a two-piece ensemble that reveals her midriff and legs. Many fans sounded off about the singer’s weight, noticing how thin she appears compared to her past photos.

That’s not all; Barrett’s face also seems more gaunt in her recent Instagram photos and TikTok videos, leaving viewers shocked at how different she looks in the viral clip.

“Nah, I’m lowkey worried,” a viewer wrote underneath one of Nessa’s TikToks.

“I’m actually very concerned for this girl’s health,” another said.

“Nessa, please get help,” yet another pleaded.

Nessa has been open about her struggle with an eating disorder in the past, notably speaking about the subject in a July 2023 interview on the Zach Sang show, where she revealed that her ED may have affected her fertility.

The singer claimed that she battled her eating disorder for “almost a year” and relapsed during one of her tours, saying she was “motivated to recover” after realizing her condition might prevent her from getting pregnant and becoming a mom — one of her biggest dreams.

For now, fans are urging Barrett to focus on her health as the singer’s appearance has sparked concerns that she may have relapsed — although Barrett has yet to comment on these claims at the time of writing.

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