Fans defend Nessa Barrett after she reveals eating disorder possibly caused fertility issues

nessa-barrett-reveals-fertility-eating-disorderYouTube: The Zach Sang Show

Fans are coming to Nessa Barrett’s defense after the singer-songwriter revealed that her eating disorder has likely caused her some fairly serious fertility issues.

Nessa Barrett is one part social media star and one part music artist, having released her debut album ‘Young Forever’ in October 2022.

Throughout her career as a budding superstar, Nessa has been open about her struggles with her mental health, opening up about her eating disorder in a soul-bearing Instagram post earlier this year.

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According to the singer, she’d struggled with anorexia for “almost a year” and relapsed during her most recent tour. 

“I couldn’t seem to get myself to recover or even want help until this tour,” she wrote. “I would pass out and collapse from my body being too weak, I needed to realize food is important for you so I could be physically able to perform every night.”

Nessa Barrett under fire for copying 5SOS fans tattooInstagram: nessabarrett
Nessa Barrett has been open about her struggles with her eating disorder in the past.

Nessa Barret says eating disorder may have impacted her fertility

A few months later, Barrett discussed her eating disorder once again in an interview on the Zach Sang Show, where she revealed that her ED may have caused issues with her ability to have children.

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“I started to think about [having kids] a lot recently, and the same way the tour was life-changing for me, I feel like me being a mom would be even more life-changing, and it would give me even more of a purpose,” she said.

“I’ve just been struggling a lot, physically and mentally, I guess, too, and it kinda hit me that I possibly might not be able to have kids. And so, I think that’s when I started to think about it. I’ve cried before, because I kinda did it to myself. …that’s one of the reasons why I’m motivated to recover.”

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According to the Fertility and Gynecology Academy, a clinic based out of the UK, eating disorders can “cause hormonal imbalances, which, in turn, cause disruption to menstruation and ovulation cycles.”

Fans have taken to social media to shower Barrett with sympathetic comments following this latest bombshell, with many defending her from critics and trolls using this as an opportunity to belittle her.

“Nobody better say any hateful things about this,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “This is a sensitive topic and I honestly feel so bad for her.”

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nessa-barrett-fertility-commentsInstagram: nessabarrett, TeaTokTalk
Commenters came out in defense of Nessa Barrett after she revealed that her eating disorder may have affected her ability to have children.

“Nessa WILL someday be an amazing mother,” another wrote. “I’ve no doubt. Don’t care what anyone says. Negative comments will be blocked.”

This is just the latest to come from Nessa Barrett after she addressed rumors of drug use after a series of videos were quickly deleted from her social media profiles.

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