Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis clear up vague tweets amid “ridiculous” fan assumptions

Virginia Glaze
Nessa Barrett Mads Lewis address twitter dramaInstagram: nessabarrett, madslewis

TikTok star Nessa Barrett has taken to Twitter to clear up some vague posts she made about her “best friends” after fans assumed she was throwing shade.

There’s some drama brewing online between popular TikTokers Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis… at least, that’s what fans are thinking.

On September 15, Nessa Barrett posted two tweets that got fans talking. One read, “Dear God, do you hear me when I’m crying?” and another said, “Sab and Cynthia are my only friends.”

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nessa barrett tweet copyInstagram: tiktokroomtm

Her last post refers to fellow influencers Sabrina Quesada and Cynthia Parker. However, fans thought she may have been throwing subtle shade toward TikToker Mads Lewis due to some drama stemming from a year ago.

A quick rundown: Nessa and Mads were decidedly not on good terms with each other after Nessa started dating Jaden Hossler, Mads’ ex, in early 2021. Nessa and Jaden have since parted ways as of May 2022, but fans assumed that Nessa and Mads had made up in the interim.

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Mads Lewis addresses Twitter drama

Mads Lewis was quick to clear up the ensuing drama as fans flooded social media with speculation. She posted a lengthy Notes post explaining things, saying that someone (apparently Nessa) had reached out to apologize on June 8.

The two had a productive phone call, wherein Mads accepted Nessa’s apology and thought “we were on good terms.”

After the passing of TikToker Cooper Noriega in June 2022, Sabrina Quesada and Nessa invited Lewis to Sabrina’s apartment to “see everyone.” Lewis claimed she “spent about an hour there.”

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“I thought we were on good terms. Never said we were besties. Just said we were mutuals. My apologies.”

Nessa Barrett took to Twitter several hours later to further clarify the situation, calling fans’ assumptions about the whole ordeal “ridiculous.”

“Sometimes I just tweet to tweet and I forget people assume things,” she wrote. “I was so confused why I got so much heat for tweeting about my best friends.”

“My timing does indeed suck, but I didn’t see anything until after my tweets,” she continued.

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In a deleted post, Nessa wrote: “This is actually f**king ridiculous, lol I’m done. Goodnight. Pre-save my album.”

nessa barrett tweet 2Instagram: tiktokroomtm

For now, it’s looking like both influencers are still on good terms and have cleared things up with their respective fanbases.

Mads’ latest tweet follows her viral comments about influencer Tayler Holder, another moment that sparked concerns from her followers.

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