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MrBeast teases mysterious ‘Season 2’ of Feastables chocolate bars

Published: 22/Apr/2022 0:00

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star MrBeast recently revealed he’d given away 1 million of his Feastables chocolate bars… and now, there could be something even bigger on the way.

Earlier this year, notable YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson sparked yet another major business venture by unleashing his ‘Feastables’ line of chocolate bars.

Of course, this isn’t your average chocolate company. In true MrBeast fashion, customers naturally get the chance to win $1 million in prizes with their purchases.

One of these prizes include a chance to tour MrBeast’s very own chocolate factory for one of his viral YouTube videos.

Feastables rigged feature image
Feastables by MrBeast
MrBeast sparked another food-related venture earlier this year following the success of his viral MrBeast Burger fast food chain.

However, it seemed as though there was a stalemate for some time. That is, until Donaldson decided on a sudden, 10-minute Flash Sale where all orders were free.


This sale ended up literally breaking the Feastables website and “sold” over 1 million chocolate bars, which MrBeast announced in an email following the viral moment.

feastables crash landing page
Feastables by MrBeast
Many customers hoping for free chocolate were met with this landing page.

Although some buyers’ orders might be changed or delayed, he assured fans that they would, indeed, receive their chocolate — and with all items now out of stock, it seems that something else is on the way.

On April 21, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Feastables website now sports a new banner with scrolling text that reads: “Season 2 is loading… All mystery tickets have been found!”

Feastables website season 2 banner
A scrolling banner on the Feastables website claims that ‘Season 2’ is on the way.

Those wanting to stay in the loop regarding this mysterious Season 2 can text HMU’ to a phone number found on the site’s banner for more details. For now, we just got a text that promises the company will “share more info soon.”


mrbeast feastables text season 2
Fans can text ‘HMU’ to 69420 to receive updates about the upcoming season of Feastables chocolate bars.

Considering that MrBeast has said he has major plans in store for future videos, it’s possible this particular stunt could have ties to yet another project. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.