Pokimane pulls off incredible Twitch trades to win OfflineTV’s $25k Squid Game

OfflineTV-Squid-GamesYouTube: OfflineTV

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys pulled off two incredible trades with William ‘Scarra’ Li and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker to win the first official $25,000 OfflineTV Squid Game competition.

Netflix’s smash-hit series, Squid Game, has taken over the world in recent months. In addition to being critically acclaimed and drawing hundreds of millions of viewers, it’s also become deeply entrenched in internet culture.

Not only have we seen countless YouTubers re-create challenges from the show, but it’s also sparked talks of a Squid Game battle royale and even spawned Crab Game, a popular free-to-play game based on the show.

OfflineTV wanted a piece of the action, too.

They created their very own OfflineTV Squid Game competition, complete with a star-studded line-up and a whopping $25,000 prize pool. However, it was Pokimane who stole the show.

The competition began with the Red Light, Green Light. But instead of contestants being shot for moving when they should be stopped, they got egged and sent to the back of the line instead. Poki was the first one to be get caught. Hasan was close behind.

But in an interesting turn of events, the host announced that the back of the line was now the front, putting them in pole position. From there, people paired up and had to cross the line with their ankles tied together.

OfflineTV-Squid-GamesYouTube: OfflineTV
The first game was Red Light, Green Light, just like the one in the show.

Contestants who survived the first round then had to play the marble game from the show in groups of three, followed by rock-paper-scissors and more. That’s when Poki pulled off the first of two incredible deals to win the game.

She tricked Scarra into giving her a single marble in exchange for a thousand gifted subs spread across his team. But he forgot that all her team needed to do was secure more marbles than his team, and as a result, they won.

OfflineTV-Squid-GamesYouTube: OfflineTV
Poki bamboozled Scarra into costing his team the game.

In the end, it came down to only three contestants in the final game; Hasan, Poki, and xChocobars. They duked it out in a game that required them to rip name tag’s off their opponent’s backs or push them out of a circle.

Hasan eliminated xChocobars with ease. However, Poki struck another cheeky deal with him right at the end. She agreed to donate half of the winnings to a charity of his choosing if he let her win, and he obliged.

Poki might have won the competition, but the real winners are the recipients of the charitable donations. Hasan revealed: “I will be donating my part of the proceedings to a mutual aid fund in Los Angeles that helps homeless people.”

The OfflineTV Squid Games was a roller-coaster ride from start to finish, and produced many memorable moments along the way to Pokimane’s victory.