Twitch streamer ‘Squid Game’ may be forced to change name after abuse

Squid Game twitch streamerNetflix / Instagram: SquidGame

A Twitch streamer who goes by ‘Squid Game’ on the platform, and has done for many years, now says she may be forced to change her name, due to abuse, and now, loss of work. The name, unfortunately, matches that of Netflix’s most popular ever show.

Squid Game is a Korean thriller, which debuted on Netflix in 2021 and very quickly became a smash hit, breaking Netflix records for viewership. Halloween 2021 was taken over by people dressing up as various characters from the show.

However, for one rather unlucky content creator, the name of show matches exactly the name of their Twitch account, where they are a partnered streamer.

SquidGame, real name Lydia, has over 40,000 followers on the platform and is a member of Yogscast. In October, Lydia’s Instagram account, also called ‘SquidGame’, was banned, after it was mass-reported, presumably by fans of the Netflix show.

SquidGame streamer loses work over name

On November 2, SquidGame explained that the conflict with the Netflix show’s name was causing her to lose out on work opportunities.

“Looks like I might have to change my handle after all,” SquidGame tweeted. “I’ve lost 2 amazing presenting opportunities because people don’t want to hire me with my ‘squid game’ handle.”

Despite her Instagram account being reinstated, and Twitch appearing to have no problem with her channel’s username, the confusion is bound to keep causing problems.

“First I get sent abuse, then I get banned, now I’m losing out on work,” SquidGame explained.

There have been other cases of content creators having matching names to other IPs, such as the streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell and the Bungie video game franchise ‘Destiny’.

However, Squid Game’s unlikely matching name is remarkably specific, and so is bound to be met with confusion from now on, given the popularity of the show.

On the other hand, the name may also have some small benefits – with users potentially stumbling upon Squid Game’s Twitch or YouTube content, and sticking around. Squid Game has even embraced the memes, cosplaying as characters from the show on her stream.