MrBeast is letting fans design Squid Game challenge for huge YouTube event

Netflix / Instagram: MrBeast

Internet superstar MrBeast is bringing his own Squid Game adaptation to YouTube. In an effort to keep contestants on their toes he’s calling on the community for new challenge ideas.

Hit Korean drama Squid Game has taken the internet by storm. As the biggest series launch in Netflix history, just about everyone is trying to get in on the viral success.

From TikTok challenges to early YouTube recreations and even a video game in the works, the Squid Game hype isn’t going away anytime soon.

However, perhaps the most anticipated take on the battle royale-esque show comes from YouTube sensation MrBeast.

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After setting a 10 million like requirement for his fans – and subsequently clearing the mark in just a few hours, it’s officially on. MrBeast is already hard at work devising a massive Squid Game event with life-size sets and “456 random people” set to compete.

But before filming gets underway, MrBeast has called on the community for some help.

Given the success of the Netflix series, MrBeast is worried his contestants would have all seen Squid Game.

As a result, when the challenges appear, they’ll know what to do and how to win.

“What do I do?” he asked in an October 17 Twitter thread. “How should I do the tug of war game?”

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It didn’t take long for other content creators and fans alike to pitch in with their suggestions. While most just wanted an invite to the competition, some actually put forward a few helpful ideas.

Squid Game footageNetflix
Mr Beast is recreating a less-bloody Squid Game with 456 players.

Rather than forming their own teams ahead of time, one follower suggested a different method. “Make it a raffle or blind pairing.”

This could prevent teams from hoarding the ‘strongest’ players, keeping it on an even playing field.

“Instead of tug of war, do capture the flag with teams of 10,” one fan chimed in. With players all building their teams towards tug of war, the surprise will hit like a ton of bricks when they learn it’s a test of speed instead of strength.

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Meanwhile, others suggested MrBeast’s YouTube event go in a completely different direction. Rather than copying the challenges from season one, his tasks could be inspired by other childhood games instead.

“I figured you can come up with your own set of games,” fellow content creator rhymestyle said. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same games from the show.”

“What if you create new games?” others followed up. “It’s your own version of Squid Game, do what you want.”

After just a few minutes of letting the community run wild, MrBeast alerted his fans that he had “figured it out”.

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“This is gonna be wild,” he teased.

There’s no telling what idea he settled on, nor when we might see it in action.

With over $2m going into the production, making it his “most expensive video,” MrBeast implied that filming could take “a month” in total.

Expect to see plenty of teasers along the way as MrBeast creates YouTube’s own Squid Games video as only he can.