MrBeast revealed friend was selected by Hershey’s for secret taste test vs Feastables

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star MrBeast revealed that one of his friends was selected by Hershey’s for a secret taste test comparison to his own Feastables chocolate bar line.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is YouTube’s single most-subscribed independent creator, boasting over 167 million subscribers on his main channel, alone.

However, he’s more than a social media mogul. The influencer has also branched out into the food business, launching his ‘Beast Burger’ fast food restaurant in late 2020 (although he’s since announced he’s “moving on” from the business).

He also created his own line of chocolate bars, called ‘Feastables,’ in early 2022, which aims to be a legitimate alternative to big brands like Hershey’s.

MrBeast surrounded by chocolate bars
MrBeast aims to compete with the likes of Hershey’s with his own line of chocolate bars, ‘Feastables.’

It looks like there’s some significant competition brewing between the two companies, though, after MrBeast revealed that one of his friends was conscripted into a secret taste test by Hershey’s against Feastables bars.

MrBeast says friend conscripted into taste test by Hershey’s against Feastables

MrBeast divulged this information in a series of tweets on July 13, writing: “My friend was randomly selected by Hershey’s to be in a blind taste test, and the whole study was him trying Feastables, then Hershey’s, and rating them lol.”

When a fan asked how in the world his friend managed to get the gig, MrBeast responded with a screenshot of a text message his friend had seemingly sent him.

“Was in Pennsylvania on vacation, Jim,” the text reads. “Wife wanted to go see it… I’d call it op research. While inside, we got randomly picked to do a tasting test / survey.”

“The survey began with, ‘What brands do you know,’ and yours was the very first one listed. It ended with ‘blind’ tasting a Hershey’s bar and a Feastables bar and answering questions about taste, quality, etc.”

It looks like Hershey’s didn’t exactly ‘hand pick’ Donaldson’s friend to participate in the test, but it’s certainly interesting that the company is viewing the YouTuber’s chocolate bars as legitimate competition.

While it’s unclear how Feastables measured up to Hershey’s in his friend’s taste test, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay notably tried out MrBeast’s chocolate bar brand earlier this year and found it “very good.”

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