MrBeast set to become Willy Wonka with new Feastables snack brand

Alan Bernal
MrBeast in front of Feastables chocolate bars

Jimmy Donaldson is setting himself to be Willy Wonka — kind of — by launching his Feastables snacking brand with a new mystery-ticket sweepstakes to claim “MrBeast’s Chocolate Factory”.

With a successful career of philanthropic YouTubing under his belt, as well as a chain of restaurants, MrBeast now wants to disrupt another industry with his new “mission-driven” snacking brand.

The YouTuber will be giving away over a million dollars in prizes that include bikes, Beats by Dre earbuds, a Tesla Model 3, and much more. But 10 people who hit the grand-prize will be invited to participate in one of MrBeast’s YouTube videos to compete for what he calls a Chocolate Factory.

Though it’s unclear what he means by that, the mystery event quickly drummed up comparisons to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Feastables will launch with a trio of chocolate bars marketed as “better-for-you snacking” and simply called ‘MrBeast Bars.’

But nothing from Donaldson comes without a bit of competition and that’s where the mystery ticket in every candy bar comes into play.

By going to the Feastables site and entering the code from a packaged ticket, fans can see if they can claim any of the offered rewards and prizes.

mrbeast bar feastables

This will be yet another gamble from the YouTuber that could turn out in another commercial success like his MrBeast Burger chain in 2020 with over 1,000 locations since then.

With his legion of followers, MrBeast is banking on another viral component to the traditional business scheme but this time one lucky fan will also strike gold with Feastables.