Gordon Ramsay compares MrBeast’s Feastables to $400 bar of chocolate

MrBeast Gordon RamsayInstagram: MrBeast

Gordon Ramsay has compared MrBeast’s Feastables to another chocolate bar worth $400, quickly choosing a winner between the two.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of YouTubers have begun their own businesses. The NELK Boys launched their Happy Dad seltzer, Tana Mongeau created her own wine, and Logan Paul & KSI have their very own drink company: Prime.

Multi-Michelin-starred chef and TV star Gordon Ramsay has tried a few products recently as well, with his most notable one being his brutal review of Prime Hydration.

Now, Ramsay has compared MrBeast’s Feastables line of chocolate to a bar that cost $400 – and was quick to choose a winner between the two.

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Gordon Ramsay compares Feastables to expensive chocolate

In an Instagram video on January 26, MrBeast asked Gordon Ramsay which of the two chocolate bars tasted better, emphasizing that he wants the chef to be brutally honest.

“To be fair, my chocolates are like a couple of bucks so if he does say its better, that’s not on me,” MrBeast said.

Ramsay tried a piece and was clear that he liked MrBeast’s chocolate. “Very good, that’s good,” he said.

After trying the $400 chocolate bar, MrBeast asked Ramsay what he thought, and was quickly caught off guard by his answer.

“Definitely yours… is second,” Ramsay admitted.

While he’s made it clear that Feastables isn’t a bad chocolate bar by any means, it doesn’t beat out the $400 one that MrBeast purchased.

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