Dream defends GeorgeNotFound amid sexual assault allegations

Virginia Glaze

Minecraft star Dream has spoken out after fellow creator GeorgeNotFound was accused of sexual assault, corroborating George’s version of events in a lengthy post.

In March 2024, Twitch streamer ‘Caitibugzz’ claimed she was sexually assaulted while intoxicated at a VidCon party by another creator who was eight years older than her at the time.

While Caitbugzz didn’t name her abuser, viewers started connecting the dots and began dropping GeorgeNotFound’s name. George initially responded to the allegations in a post on Twitter/X, saying he would “never break someone’s sexual boundaries or assault anyone.”

He gave a lengthier response to the accusations in a video on March 11, where he claimed that he never got any signals that Caitibugzz wasn’t happy with their interactions and that she was wearing an ‘over 21’ wristband at the party.

“They had already been drinking before they arrived, they were drunk,” George claimed. “The way this is phrased makes us out to look like we’re ‘preying’ on them, and forcing them to drink when they didn’t want to. That’s not the case.”

Following George’s video, another major player in the Minecraft scene has spoken out about the incident; Dream, who offered his two cents on the subject in a lengthy post on Reddit.

GeorgeNotFound is a prominent streamer in the Minecraft scene.

Dream responds after GeorgeNotFound accused of sexual assault

In his post, Dream corroborated George’s version of events, claiming that George’s statement was “much closer to what actually took place.”

“I can say for a matter of fact that their interactions were extremely positive throughout the night, and she had many opportunities of separation,” he wrote. “Even getting up and down off of the couch and laying back down with him AFTER the alleged sexual assault took place, and her best friend leaving AFTER what took place and her choosing to stay for hours.”

Dream went on to express his sympathies for Caiti and urged his fans to support victims, but ultimately held his ground that things didn’t seem amiss at the party and mentioned that there are a “group of content creators that have a very large hatred for me, and the Dream team” who he claimed “spread total lies about me” over the years.

It’s true that Dream has faced his fair share of allegations in the past, most recently coming under fire over grooming accusations in late 2023.

Dream famously uploaded a video lashing out at the claims and even shared some fabricated screenshots of texts and conversations with creators like Pokimane and xQc as an example of how ‘fake’ claims can go viral.

Responses to Dream’s latest post seem largely mixed thus far.

Some fans are applauding the creator for saying his viewers should “support victims because they deserve it, not when it benefits you,” while others are upset with the creator for siding with George, who they claim is still in the wrong for touching Caiti while she was drunk and “couldn’t consent.”

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