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MontanaBlack explains why he’s considered leaving Twitch

Published: 22/Oct/2019 12:13 Updated: 23/Oct/2019 12:25

by Connor Bennett


Marcel ‘MontanaBlack’ Eris, who was once the most subscribed to streamer on Twitch, has opened up about his frustrations with the platform by explaining that he’d leave if there was an alternative.

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MontanaBlack may not be as recognizable a name as Twitch streamers like Shroud, Tfue, or Dr Disrespect to English-speaking viewers, but the German broadcaster once reigned supreme as having the most subscribers on the platform.

However, since that point, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the streamer. He was recently banned for comments he made on another channel after he was unaware that he could be heard. On October 22, he opened about his future – noting that if there was a chance to leave Twitch, he may well take it. 


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MontanaBlackMontanaBlack surpassed all Twitch streamers to have the most subscribers.

“I tell you, honestly, If there was a good alternative to Twitch, I wouldn’t be averse to leaving Twitch,” he said, (via Bing Translate). “I love Twitch and the community I built up there, but Twitch as a platform and how they rule and penalties are sometimes handled in completely different ways… that I feel 0%”

The German streamer continued on, noting that he could give “many examples where streamers have done something forbidden” and “nothing has happened” in terms of punishment.

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Another streamer pointed out that the alleged racist language he had used, despite being unaware he was audible on stream, was unacceptable by Twitch’s rules.


Montana responded by stating: “Nevertheless, I did not stream and did not know that was streamed.”

The streamer also pointed out other Twitch bans, referring back to how Alinity wasn’t punished for her animal abuse incident.

“Other streamers show their breasts on stream and get a 3-day ban, LUL,” he added. “Then, give my cat a vodka kiss kappa.”

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Of course, there are alternative platforms to Twitch in the form of Mixer, YouTube, Caffeine, and even DLive – where PewDiePie has an exclusive deal.

Despite having some key streamers of their own, however, none of the platforms match Twitch’s audience for livestreaming at the moment, and broadcasters are reluctant to walk away. It remains to be seen what MontanaBlack will do, but he clearly isn’t happy with his situation.