Why has Mitch Jones lost his Twitch partnership? Streamer returns from ban

Connor Bennett

Popular streamer Mitch ‘MitchJones’ Jones may have been unbanned by Twitch following a suspension, but he’s also lost his partner status.

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Mitch Jones has been streaming on Twitch for eight years, becoming one of the most popular in-real-life streamers in the process, racking up over 415,000 followers and plenty of subscribers.

However, his time on the platform hasn’t been all smooth sailing. He’s been handed suspensions on numerous occasions, including one for reading his chat while driving, and more recently showing off a racist direct message on-stream. Yet, his future on the platform looks to be up in the air after losing the all-important partner status.

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Screengrab via TwitchMitch Jones has been one of Twitch’s most popular IRL streamers.

The popular streamer had his most recent suspension lifted on October 21 at around 3:56 pm EST/8:56 pm BST, and 12:56 pm PST. 

Yet, as viewers flooded to his channel to see if he would be making an immediate return, they noticed something was off. His sub button had been removed, confirming that his Twitch partnership had been revoked for some reason.

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While the reason for its removal is unknown – Twitch does not, usually, comment on individual suspensions or situations with partners – some viewers have theorized that it’s because he had been banned so soon after a previous suspension. 

The streamer himself has not commented on the situation outside of a few messages in his chat following the unbanning. 

He confirmed that he was unable to put the chat into a subscriber-only mode and wouldn’t be streaming on October 21. However, he didn’t give any indication as to if he’ll be broadcasting in the following days.

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A chat message from the streamer following the loss of his sub button.
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Losing his Twitch partnership is a big deal, especially being unable to bring in subscribers, but it’s not the end of the world if he is unable to get it back in the future. 

A number of other streamers, like Dellor, have transitioned to broadcasting on YouTube after being unable to become a Twitch partner. Dellor himself had incredible success with his initial stream, so it remains to be seen if Jones will follow in his footsteps.

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