Mizkif to stream less over return backlash: “It’s too much for me right now”

Mizkif stream less headerTwitch: Mizkif

Despite only recently returning to streaming, Mizkif is likely to be moving forward with a very different Twitch schedule amid the independent OTK investigation into his conduct on and off-stream.

Mizkif has been at the center of major Twitch controversy over the past month.

After calling out Trainwreck for promoting gambling, Mizkif found himself in the middle of sexual assault cover-up allegations, before the issue went from bad to worse when Ice Poseidon leaked old DMs including Mizkif using both homophobic and racial slurs.

As a result, the streamer has been keeping a relatively low profile while the investigation into the cover-ups takes place. He has since returned to the platform, but on October 19 he confirmed his schedule will look vastly different in the interim.

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“Basically what this means is that I’m probably going to be streaming a little bit less,” he said during the nine-hour broadcast. “Until this thing is resolved or whatever happens, I’m probably going to be streaming a little less.”

Mizkif Claims he's very confident in investigationTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif has returned to Twitch amid an investigation into his conduct by the agency he co-founded, OTK.

Mizkif then went on to explain how the decision to jump straight back into full time streaming was not the right decision and something he is now reflecting on: “It was stupid. I think it was stupid. It’s too much for me right now.”

However, he did reassure his viewers that the cut back isn’t cause for alarm, reaffirming to his chat “don’t think I’m that bad.

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“I’m OK, don’t worry about me. I’m perfectly OK.”

He is yet to reveal what his new schedule will look like, however fans can expect to see much less of Mizkif in the coming weeks and maybe even months.