Mizkif rages after losing Super Mario 64 speedrun to Emiru

Dylan Horetski

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo lost his cool during his Twitch stream after he made a crucial mistake while challenging Emiru to a speedrun of Super Mario 64. 

Rinaudo has gained popularity on Twitch in recent years thanks to his variety of content, humor, and seemingly constant challenges against fans or other streamers within and outside of his org, OTK.

One of those streamers is Emiru, who recently revealed a plan to move into Mizkif’s house. Since then, the duo has bonded over their interest in speedrunning, with Super Mario 64 being the most popular option.

The duo agreed to a speedrun challenge, where the person with the fastest completion time would be crowned the winner. That challenge happened on November 14, and a costly mistake left Mizkif in a rage.

Mizkif throws his controller

Knowing that Emiru had less experience speedrunning Super Mario 64, Mizkif started the stream by giving her a six-minute head start. Everything went as planned until the very last level of the game: “Bowser in the sky.”

On the last level, the player must accurately grab Bowser by the tail before throwing him at floating bombs placed around the island-like map. Being a speedrun, accuracy is crucial, as a single miss could cost you the game.

Unfortunately for Mizkif, a mistake is exactly what happened. As he went to toss Bowser for the last time, he let go too early, which caused him to miss the game-winning bomb.

As you can see, Emiru finish her speedrun seconds later. Mizkif reacted to his mistake by standing up from his chair, grabbing his chest, screaming, and finally throwing his controller at the nearest wall.

Possibly the most hilarious moment of his meltdown happened when Mizkif sat back down without saying a word, reaching to his computer to immediately end his stream in a final act of gamer rage.

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