Emiru reveals plan to move into Mizkif’s streamer house

Emiru Mizkif streamer TwitchInstagram: @Mizkif/@Emiru

Twitch streamer and cosplayer Emiru has confirmed that she’s planning on moving into Mizkif’s streamer house in the near future.

Over the past few weeks, Emiru has become a regular guest in Mizkif’s videos and even appeared in a recent OTK soccer tournament.

This has led a lot of viewers to question whether she’s considering joining the network, or if she’s planning on moving into the streamer house.

Although it wasn’t confirmed by her, Mizkif uploaded a video to YouTube on October 19 titled ‘Emiru is Moving In…’, where he revealed she enjoyed staying at the house and was considering a move.

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Now, during a live stream, Emiru has finally revealed her plans and it’s got viewers incredibly excited.

Emiru cosplayInstagram: @Emiru
Emiru has nearly 500,000 followers on Twitch.

Emiru wants to move into Mizkif’s streamer house

Despite struggling to find streamers to collaborate with earlier in the year, Emiru’s appearances in Mizkif’s and OTK’s content have led her channel to grow rapidly.

After seeing how much fun she was having with the group down in Austin, a lot of viewers wondered whether she was going to move down there permanently.

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Well, during her October 26 stream, she finally revealed that she’s strongly considering moving into Mizkif’s streaming house.

“I’m like 95 percent on moving… besides just like wanting to be around other streamers and liking the people here, I mentioned this before, I’ll probably talk about it more after I move, but currently my house in Kansas, I can’t stay there, I have to move anyway”.

Although it’s obvious Emiru hasn’t fully committed to the move just yet, it seems likely that she may be joining the group down in Austin very soon.

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While she may have only been collaborating with the OTK group for a short period of time, she’s already become hugely popular with the viewers.

With so many exciting group streamer events and content opportunities going on down in Austin, it would make a lot of sense for her to move into Mizkif’s house.

However, for now, fans will have to sit tight and wait for an official announcement that she’s definitely moving in.

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