Mizkif awestruck by incredible Christmas gift from Emiru

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch star Mizkif was nearly brought to tears after unwrapping his Christmas gift from fellow streamer and housemate Emiru.

OTK co-founder Mizkif and Emiru have become quite close since she moved into his streamer house.

The duo has streamed together a number of times, including a Super Mario 64 speedrun challenge that ended poorly for Mizkif.

With the holiday season here, the pair opened up tons of Christmas gifts on stream. When Emiru presented what she got for Mizkif, he was in shock at how impressive it was.

Emiru has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame on Twitch in 2021, with now over 600k followers on the platform.

Emiru’s gift makes Mizkif emotional

While streaming together on December 22, Mizkif and Emiru opened up the over $10,000 worth of gifts he allowed his Twitch mods to buy and unwrapped his gift from Emiru.

Mizkif opened up the gift wrapping which revealed a beautiful, massive drawing of Mizkif and his housemates together in cartoon form.

He was shocked at the gift and said, “How the hell did you get this? No way, Emi.”

Miz whispered: “What the f**k”, as held the gift up to the camera in awe of the size of the drawing.

His chat went into a frenzy, noting just how thoughtful of a friend Emiru has become to him. Mizkif covered his eyes and become emotional towards the end of the clip, as the gift clearly meant a lot to him.

He also might have felt bad after Emiru revealed his gift to her was so poorly wrapped it was mistakenly thrown out.