MitchJones denies “trying to cancel” Mizkif amid sexual assault cover-up allegations

Zackerie Fairfax
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Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has responded to claims that he tried to “cancel” Mizkif during the drama surrounding the allegations of a sexual assault cover-up.

On September 19, 2022, streamer Trainwreck accused Mizkif of orchestrating a cover-up for his friend CrazySlick who allegedly sexually assaulted female streamer, Adrianah Lee. According to the accusations, Mizkif ordered his then-girlfriend Maya Higa and friend MitchJones to talk Lee out of going public with accusations against Slick.

Mizkif claimed these allegations to be false, but has since been placed on leave from his organization, OTK, and is currently under investigation. However, on September 23, MitchJones took to Twitch for the first time in months to tell a different story.

While live, he was asked, “Did Miz explicitly give direction to you and Maya and whoever else was in that room to go to Adrianah’s house and to ‘downplay the situation or find a way to save Slick’s ass?’” To which he responded, “Yes.”

MitchJones denies he tried to cancel Mizkif

During a World of Warcraft stream on October 22, Mitch noticed some viewers were being timed out. He then revealed a message from one of the timed-out users that read, “Hey Mitch, I hate you for trying to cancel Mizkif. You’re a rat and I hope you lose everything.”

The streamer then jumped out of his chair while exclaiming, “I didn’t try to cancel Mizkif! Dude, I don’t know if I can sit on this any longer. Miz has asked me to stay quiet, but I don’t know if I can. Like I actually don’t know if I can. I’m so sick of this sh*t.”

He quickly moved on to focus on his WoW gameplay without returning to the topic of discussion. However, fans were left wondering what Mitch meant when referring to the information he was “sitting on”.

A clip of Mitch’s reaction from a now-deleted stream began circulating the popular LivestreamFails subreddit. Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the matter, including other clips from September of Mitch seemingly contradicting himself.

One of the clips was of Mitch having a conversation with Trainwreck where he stated, “You know me, bro. I’m all for this mother f**ker going down. The thing is, I live here and if he hates me then I’m out.”

While some viewers argue he was talking about CrazySlick, this quote comes from a conversation where the two are strictly discussing Mizkif. However, Mitch Jones continues to claim he wasn’t trying to get Mizkif canceled.

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