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Minecraft community celebrates as TommyInnit receives YouTube award for 10m subs

Published: 5/Aug/2021 13:50 Updated: 5/Aug/2021 14:08

by Georgina Smith


Fans have been congratulating TommyInnit after the Minecraft YouTuber received his Play Button for a whopping 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, sharing pictures of the plaque on social media.

Over the past year, 17-year-old TommyInnit has become one of the biggest Minecraft creators on both YouTube and Twitch, entertaining a fan base of millions with his funny videos.

He blew up in part as a result of his participation in the Dream SMP, a multiplayer Minecraft server which was created by fellow YouTuber Dream. Fans love tuning in to watch Tommy and plenty of other creators navigate their huge world, alongside a detailed storyline.


In December, Tommy hit 4 million subscribers after gaining an extra million within just one month, a clear sign of just how fast he was blowing up on the platform.

And he’s not slowed down since. On July 12, Tommy shared that he had hit a huge 10 million subscriber milestone on YouTube, an amazing thing to achieve in such a short space of time.

On August 4, he revealed that he’d received his 10 million subscriber YouTube Play Button, a plaque given to content creators on YouTube when they reach certain milestones, and something people often look forward to when they see their sub count rising.


“Thank you all so much,” he wrote in the tweet.

Of course the YouTube community came out in full force to congratulate the young star on his achievement, with plenty of familiar faces in the tweet replies.

Creators like Tubbo, Corpse Husband, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo and more all commented on the post, getting thousands of likes themselves.

MrBeast even teased whether Tommy could get two by the end of the year.

With over 6 million followers on Twitch in addition, it’s clear that the Minecraft star won’t be slowing down in popularity any time soon, with plenty of fans both new and old excited to see what content he produces in the future.