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Minecraft star TommyInnit hits 10 million YouTube subscribers

Published: 12/Jul/2021 12:34

by Daniel Megarry


Minecraft star TommyInnit has reached a huge milestone on YouTube, getting 10 million subscribers and solidifying his place as one of the world’s most popular content creators.

Earlier this year, on May 16, TommyInnit celebrated reaching 9 million subscribers and announced to his followers that he was in the “final stretch” of his journey to reach his target of 10 million – a dream for any content creator.

Well, less than two months later, he’s finally done it! Yes, TommyInnit is living up to his “incredibly influential gamer” channel description by amassing an incredible 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

The popular Minecraft creator celebrated the occasion by sharing a screenshot on Twitter alongside a simple caption that probably sums up exactly how he’s feeling right now: “Oh my god.”


If you thought hitting 10 million subscribers was impressive, the viewer count for his main YouTube channel now towers over one billion views, and that’s only going to grow in the coming months.

Plenty of content creators shared their congratulations after TommyInnit posted the news, with Dream – who recently hit his own milestone of 20 million subscribers – saying the achievement was “well deserved”.

Fellow Minecraft star Quackity celebrated, “LETS F*CKING GOOOOOOOO”, while Tubbo wrote, “YESSSS TOMMMYYYYY CONGRATULATIONS!” and Fortnite creator Lazarbeam praised TommyInnit’s generation for being “built different”.

TommyInnit gained a significant boost in popularity after joining the Dream SMP – a Minecraft storyline server that sees two sides battling it out to try and control the in-game world – in July 2020, and his following has only grown since then.


While the English content creator mostly plays Minecraft, he’s occasionally ventured into other popular games like Among Us and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

YouTube isn’t the only platform where TommyInnit is making waves this year – in June 2021, the content creator was recognized by Guinness World Records for being the most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch.

He also broke the record for most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch, with a peak of 650,237 concurrent viewers tuning in on 20 January, 2021.