Minecraft streamer Tommyinnit hits huge YouTube milestone after 1m subscribers in a month

Tommyinnit gasps while filmingtwitch.tv/tommyinnit

Minecraft YouTuber Tommyinnit has gained 1 million YouTube subscribers over the span of just one month to take him over the 4 million mark, in another landmark moment in his surge in popularity.

At the start of the year, Tommyinnit was a Twitch streamer with a relatively modest following. He had just under 26k followers and averaged roughly 500 viewers per stream. However, in the past few months his popularity has ballooned to the point that he’s become easily the fastest-growing Twitch streamer on the platform.

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This boost in popularity is largely down to him joining the Dream Team Survival Multiplayer server – a Minecraft multiplayer story featuring a variety of big figures in the Minecraft scene, like Dream himself, who battle for control of the land. He first joined back in July.

Tommyinnit regularly streams his Minecraft adventures on Twitch, then takes the highlights and uploads them to YouTube, where he’s lately seen a monumental rise in popularity. On December 3, he was celebrating reaching 3 million subs. By the end of Christmas Day, he’d reached 4 million in a meteoric rise for the 16-year-old.

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