Mike Majlak reveals the “real reason” Logan Paul kicked him out

imPaulsive, YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul and bestie Mike Majlak got into a beef earlier this month, presumably over Mike’s odd choice of a birthday present — which resulted in Logan kicking his friend out of the house.

Their feud began over the course of Paul’s 25th birthday, after Majlak decided to surprise him with his favorite animal — the mantis shrimp, although it wasn’t as colorful (nor as expensive) as the real deal.

Admitting that he has a difficult time managing his expectations for birthdays in general, Paul gave his buddy the boot, noting the stark difference between his own gift for Majlak’s birthday and Mike’s $6 shrimp, in comparison.

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However, it doesn’t seem as though the poor shrimp was actually the cause for their falling out, which Majlak claimed included an explosive fight between the two in a vlog after being removed from the premises.

Paul later uploaded their fight in a vlog on April 15, which proved Mike’s claims to be true, with the two getting into a shouting match after gathering for the Maverick’s birthday party.

During an April 14 episode of the imPaulsive podcast, Mike clarified that their feud was part of a much bigger issue, claiming that he was upset at Logan’s reaction to his birthday gifts and that Logan had asked for space due to Mike’s subsequent response to his attitude toward his present.

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“The shrimp being the catalyst for our fight was a fun storyline,” Mike explained. “But it was never the real reason any of this happened. How I felt and still feel Logan responded to the gifts that day upset me to the point that I said things and acted in a way that was unsuitable and outside of my character.”

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“A micro problem from a micro shrimp led to a macro problem on multiple levels,” Logan continued.

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However, it seems that things are back to normal between the two bros, with Logan noting that Mike’s intentions were good and that they had officially settled their short-lived beef.

Majlak then claimed that he would continue to work on his attitude in regards to the matter, and has since returned to both the podcast and the Maverick home after being cooped up with his amore for the past week.

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