Logan Paul floored after receiving the weirdest birthday gift ever

Logan Paul (YouTube)

YouTube star Logan Paul recently celebrated his 25th birthday on April Fools’ — but instead of pulling a prank on their friend, his buddies got him one of the oddest birthday gifts imaginable.

While Paul has owned a plethora of different pets throughout his career on YouTube, including everything from a parrot to a pig and several different breeds of dogs, his favorite animal actually makes its home in the ocean.

As mentioned several times during various podcast episodes and vlogs, Logan has made no secret of his special affinity for the mantis shrimp, which surprisingly boasts one of the strongest strikes and most complicated eyes out of the entire animal kingdom.

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Freepik.com / LuqueStock
The mantis shrimp is one of the most complex ocean creatures, boasting a seriously strong strike and unique eyes that can see multiple kinds of light.

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In fact, the mantis shrimp can see UV, polarized, and visible light, and has a strike equal to that of a .22 calibre bullet, making them a seriously interesting critter in spite of their small size.

Thus, Logan’s friend group decided to surprise him with the unique creature as a special birthday gift — and his initial reaction was one of genuine shock.

“No f**king way!” he exclaimed after his squad pointed out the animal swimming around in his aquarium. “Bro, shut the f**k up! No, no, no! …You’re f**ing lying! How did you do this? I thought they were illegal here!”

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Logan Paul, YouTube
YouTuber Logan Paul was initially floored by the unique birthday gift he was given by his friends – a mantis shrimp.

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However, the star ended up backpedaling at bit on his surprise over the gift, later admitting that he wasn’t as impressed with the specimen as he thought he’d be.

“To be honest, bro, I don’t really care about that shrimp,” he revealed. “It’s not really a mantis shrimp, dude. Part of the reason I’m f**king obsessed with the mantis shrimp is because I’m colorblind, and the real mantis shrimp is so vibrant. This one is kind of just a monochrome shrimp.”

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Despite the thoughtful gift, Paul explained that he hates birthdays due to having difficulty managing his expectations — as well as suffering past trauma from being pranked with a fake luxury vehicle by his little brother, Jake Paul, when he turned 22.

For now, it looks like Logan is celebrating at home with a brand new (if unexpected) addition to the Maverick family.