Mike Majlak reveals Logan Paul kicked him out over his birthday present

Mike Majlak Vlogs / imPaulsive, YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul was gifted an unusual present for his 25th birthday from longtime friend and podcast host Mike Majlak — but it looks like he was so unimpressed with the gift that he gave his bestie the boot.

While Logan Paul has been vocal about his distaste for birthdays due to having high expectations, he was given one of the oddest gifts imaginable for his 25th trip around the sun — a mantis shrimp, which he later admitted wasn’t as colorful as he’d hoped it would be.

That’s not all; one of his vlogs revealed that Mike had only spent $6 on the creature, which certainly pales in comparison to the present Logan got him for his birthday two months prior.

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Thus, Paul kicked Mike out of his house, as revealed by his now-disgraced friend in an episode of ‘The Night Shift’ on April 9.

“I thought it was gonna be the greatest gift ever,” Mike admitted. “I thought he was gonna be so excited about it. …he f**kin’ hated it! It was the wrong shrimp, it wasn’t colorful enough for him. He didn’t like it. He thought it was ugly.”

imPaulsive Clips, YouTube
Mike Majlak often hosts the imPaulsive podcast alongside Logan – but it looks like his commentary is being put on a brief hiatus.

That’s not all; he also claimed that he and Paul got into a verbal fight, which resulted in the YouTuber asking his friend for a bit of space to cool off, resulting in Majlak removing himself from the premises.

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“That night, I wasn’t having it,” he continued. “I was pissed off. I said a bunch of s**t I didn’t mean. He said a bunch of s**t that wasn’t super nice, either. We were just slinging insults left and right. …it wasn’t my choice to leave the house. He asked me to give him a little bit of space, and rightfully so. And so, just like that, I’m back out on the mean streets.”

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Paul addressed the matter during the latest episode of the imPaulsive podcast on April 9, where he read aloud a humorous letter sent from Mike to the audience.

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“The intent was good, because it was technically a branch of my favorite animal, the mantis shrimp,” he said of the matter, when his gift was brought up. “Look guys, I’m on the same page… I don’t know.”

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For now, it looks like Mike will have to sit on the sidelines as Logan simmers down from a gift that has split apart one of YouTube’s most explosive partnerships yet.