Mike Majlak explains why he made a big mistake with Lana break up

Alice Hearing
Instagram: Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak has explained in the latest episode of his vlog series “The Night Shift” why he made a big mistake breaking up with his girlfriend Lana.

At the end of October, Mike confirmed that he had broken up with Lana after rumors surfaced on the internet. He explained that it boiled down to the fact that they wanted different things in life.

The decision saddened them both, but they decided it made sense in the long run and parted ways on good terms. Still, it was unexpected news that left their many fans stunned.

Only a week later Lana appeared in a Twitch stream confirming that the two were back together. Mike briefly explained that he’d made a rushed decision in breaking up with her and now they’re very much looking forward to the future.

Mike Majlak Lana Rhoades Breakup
Mike Majlak / Lana Rhoades
Mike and Lana were together for 10 months before briefly breaking up in October

On Tuesday, October 17, Mike expressed that he felt he owed a full explanation to his fans, first reflecting on the initial video announcing the split: “As you guys know I put out a video two weeks ago very succinctly explaining the breakup that I was so sure I was going through at the time.

“Not too long after that video came out me and Amara [Lana’s real name] had a conversation. We talked about things, we level set our expectations and I quickly realized this was someone that I wanted to continue to be a part of my life.”

He admitted he made a mistake and that the break-up announcement was premature. He continued “it was just something I was feeling at the time and I rushed, made a mistake, and it is what it is.”

Mike explained that they’re working on their future together too: “long story short me and Amara are continuing to work on the relationship. There are no promises made. I don’t know what’s gonna happen over the next couple of weeks or months.”

He finally added that his vlog series ended up becoming primarily content around their relationship, that it added pressure on them as a couple, and that the content would be changing as a result.

“One thing is for sure you’re gonna start to see a change here in the content on the Night Shift we’re gonna get back to guest-based content and what was the original essence of the Night Shift…now it’s back to business”