Smash pro Mang0 reveals he wanted to fight Hasan at Ludwig’s Chessboxing event

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Smash Bros. Melee professional Mang0 revealed during an episode of The Yard podcast that he wanted to fight Hasan at Ludwig’s Chessboxing event.

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren’s Chessboxing event proved to be a massive success, breaking his all-time viewership record on both YouTube and Twitch.

While the creator experienced some hiccups with some guests, like xQc, pulling out at the last moment, plenty of others apparently want in on future Chessboxing events.

Now, professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez revealed that he initially wanted to fight fellow streamer Hasan Piker at the event.

Mang0 wanted to fight Hasan at Chessboxing event

Mang0 appeared as a guest on an episode of Ludwig’s The Yard podcast, where the pro Melee player revealed he wanted to fight Hasan at the event.

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When discussing how much revenue the event earned overall and how much of a success Ludwig and company saw the event as Mang0 interjected and asked “You know who I wanted to fight…Hasan.”

His fellow podcast hosts erupted in laughter at the suggestion, thanks to the difference in height and build between Mang0 and Hasan. However, Mang0 was quick to suggest that he could “gain 200 pounds or whatever was needed” to make the fight happen.

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Podcast host Nick ‘envy’ Vercillo laughed off the suggestion and said “I’m learning that you don’t know how numbers work,” to which fellow host Aiden Calvin added on, “200 pounds and a foot of height.”

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Of course, differing heights do not outright disqualify certain matchups in amateur boxing, but height alone certainly gives a big advantage due to an overall longer reach.

However, Mang0 did not seem deterred by their different statures. When Ludwig responded that Hasan was 6-foot-6 and Mang0 is 5-foot-8, the Melee pro simply responded with “And? Imagine that image of Mang0 getting ready to go.”

Regardless of Mang0’s confidence, these influencer boxing events usually match opponents up based on overall build similarities, meaning the odds of Mang0 actually fighting Hasan at an event don’t seem overly promising. Still, if both competitors are interested in the future, it may not be out of the realm of possibility.

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