Ludwig breaks all-time viewership record with Mogul Chessboxing Championship event

Ludwig at his Chessboxing eventYouTube: Ludwig

Big name streamer Ludwig Ahgren far surpassed his all-time viewership record across both Twitch and YouTube during his Chessboxing Championship event.

Ludwig held a highly anticipated Chessboxing event on December 11, which he called the Mogul Chessboxing Championship. In this massively successful livestream, players battled it out in alternating rounds of boxing and either Super Smash Bros Melee or standard chess in the Galen Center in Los Angeles

For those unaware of how the event works, contestants essentially play each other in Melee or chess and then fight each other in boxing. Fights later in the card were all contested with chess in focus, while prelims featured Smash. They continue fighting until one of them racks up three wins in Melee or a win in chess.

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Viewership for this innovative event has soared above Ludwig’s previous records on both Twitch and YouTube, having cleared the 280k benchmark at the time of writing, with more viewers piling in as the event rolls on.

Prior to the event, his highest viewed stream was on his previous platform, Twitch, where the content creator achieved a peak viewership of 201,268 on April 14, 2021. As for YouTube, his previous record on the platform was 146,699 during an earlier Mogul event.

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Clearly, the Mogul Chessboxing Championship has been a massive success for Ludwig, who is managing to grow his brand and content unhindered by the switch in streaming platforms. With such dedication to his craft, it’s no wonder he was crowned Content Creator of the Year.

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