Malu Trevejo and Drea Celine feud heats up with "thirst trap" scandal - Dexerto

Malu Trevejo and Drea Celine feud heats up with “thirst trap” scandal

Published: 15/Nov/2020 17:00 Updated: 15/Nov/2020 17:38

by Charlotte Colombo


With Drea Celine still reeling over her fiance’s infidelity with Malu Trevejo, she started a war of words on Instagram with Trevejo after she spoke out about the situation one too many times.

It all started when Celine posted a very direct indirect on her Instagram story saying, “There’s some b*****s that just live for this drama s**t and it really shows.”

Trevejo then hit back with some posts on her own Instagram story: “B*****s blame me when their man never told me they were together after I apologize when they found out.”

Accusing Celine of taking Garcia’s side, Trevejo added, “Some b*****s really need the money and attention – that’s why they defend the cheaters.”


malu insta story
Instagram: Malu Trevejo
Trevejo hit out at Celine on her Instagram story.

With many fans criticizing Trevejo for continuing to talk about her kiss with Garcia after it went viral last month, she then posted a video to Instagram explaining why she kept talking about the situation.

“I talk about [the kiss] to clean up my side of the story not because I need attention because I clearly don’t need it honey,” she said. “If I talk about it it’s to clear up my part. And I did nothing wrong because I’m not married to anybody.”

Celine then followed this up with a further accusation, providing evidence that Trevejo had kept Ryan on her close friends list and posted explicit pictures (otherwise known as ‘thirst traps’) for him.


Along the screenshot, Celine said, “Ya’ll both played me, end of story.”

Continuing with her accusations, Celine also claimed that Trevejo had “no loyalty” and had only pretended to feel bad about the situation in order to “clean up her image”.

In response, Trevejo did an Instagram Live addressing the situation, claiming that Celine needs to “stop talking about” her.

“I went live the other day to explain the situation, to explain to everyone what’s been going on, but why is this still going on?” Malu asked.

“It’s been a month, lady.”

Claiming that she “didn’t know” that Garcia was still on her close friends list, Malu added, “Girl, you can keep him. I have nothing to hide or lose here, I don’t want him”.


What happened between Ryan Garcia and Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo and Ryan Garcia broke the internet last month after reporters at the Hollywood Fix caught the pair in a passionate cinch. 

While it might not seem a big deal on the surface, things got a little complicated for Malu after it came out that Garcia had a long-time fiance and a baby on the way. 

For Garcia’s (now-ex) fiance Drea Celine, the news came as a shock – she said in a statement about the incident that Garcia had told her that he was training for an upcoming fight.

Not one to take news about her partner’s indefinitely lying down, Drea didn’t mince her words in her statement on Instagram – she called Garcia a “piece of s**t” and a “horrible evil human” before accusing him barely seeing their first daughter, Rylie.


With Trevejo facing a lot of online hate and accusations of being a “homewrecker”, she recently made her innocence clear by leaking a conversation between herself and Garcia, wherein he admits she was in the dark about the situation.

“I didn’t want this to be out there but [I] have to when you had nothing to do with it,” Garcia said. “I’m sorry.”

With the two love rivals now warring on the net, it is unclear what this means for either of their relationships with the boxer.