Ludwig smashed personal record on YouTube waiting for Dream face reveal

ludwig-youtube (1)YouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig has broken his personal livestream concurrent viewer record, amassing over 150,000 viewers while waiting for Dream’s face reveal.

October 2, 2022, will be a day that millions of people around the world will remember for years to come.

Eight years after creating his YouTube channel where he remained behind a mask, popular Minecraft content creator Dream revealed his face as over one million people watched.

That’s not the only iconic thing to happen, however, as Ludwig and his viewers anxiously awaited for the reveal, the YouTube streamer broke his personal viewership record.

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Ludwig breaks personal viewership record

During his watch party stream, Ludwig’s viewers asked him to check how many viewers he had at that moment.

He explained that his most-watched live stream was Mogul Money Live, which took six months and roughly $750,000 to produce — and topped at 145,000 people watching.

Ludwig opened his current stream stats to see the 150k+ people viewing his channel, breaking his previous record of 145k.

“Are you f*cking kidding me,” Ludwig screamed after realizing his viewer count.

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While his watch party for Dream’s face reveal is now his most viewed stream, it’s unlikely that it stays that way very long. Ludwig plans to continue producing high-quality events for himself and others with his new creative agency: Offbrand.

Alongside manager Nick Allen and fellow creators Atrioc and Stanz, Offbrand’s first event was xQc’s new show ‘Juiced,’ which premiered on September 30, 2022.

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