Sykkuno beats xQc & Pokimane in Ludwig’s final Mogul Money: Recap & results

Ludwig Mogul MoneyLudwig

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren hosted the final Mogul Money event with a contestant list chock-full of superstars in the streaming space. Here’s how the event went down and who came out on top.

Ludwig’s Jeopardy-style game show Mogul Money has become one of the most popular shows on all of YouTube, each installment amassing millions of views.

While the show only premiered a year ago in June 2021, Ludwig announced that this Mogul Money would be the last one. Just before the event, Lud revealed the Mogul Munchies ice cream truck in order to promote the event.

Ahgren made sure the last live show went out with a bang, as the event was held at the YouTube Theatre, and featured tons of iconic streamers.

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mogul money pokimane xqc sykkunoYouTube: Ludwig
Pokimane, Sykkuno, and xQc competing in the final Mogul Money.

Ludwig’s final Mogul Money: Contestants

Pokimane and ConnorEatsPants returned to the show and were allowed to choose their opponents as they were the best performing Mogul Money contestants from past shows. The other contestants included xQc, Envy, Sykkuno, and Will Neff.

Pokimane chose xQc and Sykkuno to go up against, and Connor selected Will Neff and Envy. The groups of streamers went up against each other head to head, testing their knowledge of categories like “Who’s That Pogemon”, “Country Cuisine”, and “Famous Cats.”

After Sykkuno and Will Neff advanced to the final round, a secret “Worst of the Worst” group of contestants was revealed as Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and Fuslie faced off to redeem themselves as each was the worst performing Mogul Money contestants in the show’s history. Fuslie advanced from the group, rounding out the finalists.

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Ludwig’s final Mogul Money: Final results

Sykkuno came out on top as the winner of the last Money Mogul, clutching the game out at the very end against Will Neff and Fuslie. His reward was a golden toilet, flush with tons of fake money.

sykkuno mogul moneyYouTube: Ludwig
Sykkuno sitting on the golden toilet as the victor of the last episode of Mogul Money.

Although there was no cash prize like in previous events, Sykkuno walks away with the prize of a lifetime.

Ludwig promised there will be something in the future for Mogul Money fans despite this being the last installment of the game show.