Ludwig ‘saves’ Christmas on Twitch with DMCA-free Holiday album


Smash Melee star Ludwig Ahgren has released a full, six-track Christmas album that he’s offering DMCA-free to fellow streamers for the holidays.

Back in October, Twitch began sending out new DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notifications to influencers before deleting their VODs that contained copyrighted music.

Almost every big streamer that’s brought the subject up has been critical of what’s going on, but there are no signs of the new policy stopping anytime soon.

In an effort to end the year on a good note (literally), Ludwig revealed on stream that he produced an entire DMCA-free Christmas album to bring some holiday cheer back to Twitch.

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“Chat, I did not go out of my way to record six songs so I could play copyright-free Christmas music called, ‘A Very Mogul Christmas,’ and release it on my YouTube channel,” the streamer joked as he pulled the album up. “Can you guys relax? I wouldn’t do something like that. Okay, I might have done it.”

And did he ever. With some help from ExExGirlfriend and QTCinderella, the trio managed to make every track on the roughly 20-minute collection sound like they’ve been doing this for years.

Channeling his inner lounge singer, Ludwig starts off strong with a version of that old classic “The Christmas Song” that would make Bing Crosby proud,  followed by a “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” duet with QT. The full tracklist is below:

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  1. The Christmas Song
  2. Baby, It’s Cold Outside ft. QTCinderella
  3. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  4. Last Christmas
  5. Little Saint Nick
  6. All I Want For Christmas Is You

“Some of the songs are OK,” Ludwig laughed. “If you guys will remember, maybe seven, eight months ago, I told you guys this idea Slime had where I recorded this Christmas album, and then play it quietly in the background until people figure it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long, you guys figured that s**t out quick.”

It doesn’t take much to imagine kicking back, turning on a cozy fireplace video, and letting this play in the background as you enjoy a nice glass of eggnog, even if it was made by a couple of streamers in their spare time.

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