NELK Boys accidentally leak Mike Tyson’s number on Twitch stream

Georgina Smith
Mike Tyson next to a screenshot of the NELK boys on a Twitch stream

Social media stars the NELK Boys were left red-faced after they accidentally revealed former pro-boxer Mike Tyson’s phone number on a Twitch livestream, with over 26,000 live viewers.

The NELK boys are a comedy YouTube group who have become known for their chaos-causing pranks, something that has secured them a fanbase of over 6 million subscribers on their channel.

However, the risky nature of their content has been seen to come at a cost, and in November the team revealed that they had only made $0.23 across 15 million YouTube views, thanks to heavy demonetization.

Their escapades have certainly landed them in a decent amount of trouble in the past, having even previously been apprehended by law enforcement at an airport after they planned to attend a political rally.

The NELK Boys are most commonly known for their wild lifestyle.

For the month of December on their Twitch channel they are streaming high stakes gambling every day, giving $1000 to fans for every stream.

Though things didn’t quite go as expected to when they hosted former professional boxer Mike Tyson as part of their high stakes gambling event.

The boys were talking to Tyson over FaceTime, with a screen recording of the call playing live next to the main screen of the stream. As someone else took the phone from Tyson they decided to end the call a little prematurely.

Unfortunately, as the call ended it showed the contact page for Tyson that had been open before the boys called him, revealing his number for a good few seconds before it was eventually pulled off the screen.

“Oh f**k we just got absolutely faded by Tyson. Oh. Oh my God,” one said as he quickly realised what had happened. “What the f**k is going on?”

The pair looked slightly panicked as the chat began to flood with messages pointing out their mistake, though obviously being a livestream it was too late for them to cover anything up.

Tweeting a clip to their own page, the NELK boys said “That moment you realize you just f***ing leaked Mike Tyson’s number..”

Leaking people’s personal information is against Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and has proven in the past to be a bannable offense when Neymar Jr was banned back in November for a similar situation, so it is definitely possible that their account will face the same punishment.

The NELK boy’s Twitch account remains active at the time of writing, but fans will be keeping an eye out for a potential ban landing right in the middle of their December streaming event.