Sodapoppin grosses out everyone after eating whole banana on Ludwig’s Mogul Money stream

sodapoppin holding a bananaTwitch, Ludwig / Sodapoppin

Ludwig’s latest episode of Mogul Money took a wild turn when Sodapoppin grossed everyone out, after eating an unpeeled banana in front of fellow streamers xQc and Cyr. 

Ludwig has been a household name on Twitch for years, but after he cemented his place as one of the platform’s top dogs after his 31-day subathon he knew he had to continue to be creative.

In came his Jeopardy-style game show, Mogul Money, where he brings on other big names from the industry to answer questions for prizes.

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Thanks to Sh**camp 2021, a group outing organized by TSM’s very own QTCinderella, the latest episode brought us the hilarious group of Cyr, xQc, and Sodapoppin. However, when Sodapoppin lost a question regarding juice color, things took a wild turn.

Ludwig Mogul Money Twitch Game ShowTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig started his Mogul Money game show in June of 2021.

Sodapoppin eats a whole banana

Streamed on September 28, Ludwig introduced the group to his viewers and the show began. With xQc in the lead by 300 points, it was Cyr’s turn to choose a category.

“Juicers for 300,” he said, allowing the host to read off the question: “Doctors recommend you drink more water if your urine is the color of this juice.”

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Sodapoppin buzzed in with the answer “banana,” to which he was met with confusion from his peers. Cyr then buzzed in with what was considered an acceptable answer, Orange.

Things quickly turned as the two competitors argued about fruit colors with each other while a very quiet xQc sat in the middle of them.

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Then the question was asked: “How often do you eat the peel of a banana?” This question led Sodapoppin to tell his opponent that he eats them all the time, as he believes they’re the healthiest part of the banana.

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What Soda may not have expected is that Ludwig decided to call him out on his eating habits, offering him points for the question if he eats a whole banana on stream. xQc was definitely grossed out by his competitor, as he cried out: “Really, on the show?”

At this point, it was already happening. The streamer, real name Chase Morris, was chewing on a banana — peel and all — without even showing a hint of disgusted looks.

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This isn’t the first time Morris has done something controversial on stream, just last year he demolished a valuable Pokemon card and stunned a group of his fans.

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