Ludwig criticizes Trainwreck over NFT drama: "We should shame anyone buying NFTs" - Dexerto

Ludwig criticizes Trainwreck over NFT drama: “We should shame anyone buying NFTs”

Published: 9/Nov/2021 16:48

by Dylan Horetski


Ludwig criticized Trainwreck after he responded to backlash regarding an NFT purchase he posted on Twitter. 

On November 7, Trainwreck posted on Twitter that he had purchased his first-ever NFT for well over $250,000. However, when a “Minecraft stan” responded to his tweet with apparent disappointment, the creator took it personally.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible-Tokens, are collectible assets attached to a single token on a crypto blockchain that give that specific token a special value. Many people argue that mining cryptocurrency is bad for the environment, and the popularity of NFTs is allegedly making the issue worse.

While Ludwig was streaming on November 8, he talked about Trainwreck’s recent NFT drama and gave his own opinion on the whole thing.


Trainwreck purchased his first NFT for 63 ETH, which is over $250,000 worth of the Cryptocurrency.

Ludwig criticizes Trainwreck

During his normal ‘Just Chatting’ portion of his stream, Ludwig brought up the topic of drama surrounding Trainwreck on Twitter. While talking about an artist that claimed they never got paid by the creator, Ludwig quickly changed the topic to his reaction to the “Minecraft stans” coming after Train for buying an NFT.

He explained: “This guy also didn’t stan for Minecraft Twitter at all, I don’t understand why Train did this. This person just said ‘oh train’ in response to him getting an NFT.”

Ludwig didn’t stop there, as he went on to explain that he agrees with the fan: “I think we should shame people who buy NFTs. If they are going to post them on Twitter, I fully believe we should arm up and make fun of them for getting an NFT.”


“If you’re gonna make me look at your purchases, then I should be allowed to make fun of you,” Ludwig said as he saved the picture for himself.

It’s unknown if Train will respond to Ludwig’s criticism, we’ll have to wait and see if anything happens.