Mizkif horrified after confusing Pokimane for Valkyrae during Twitch stream

Mizkif Valkyrae and PokimaneTwitch: Pokimane, Mizkif/YouTube: Valkyrae

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was left mortified after accidentally mixing up Pokimane and Valkyrae’s names during a Twitch stream.

Even though Mizkif owns OTK, Valkyrae co-owns 100 Thieves, and Pokimane is a co-founder of OfflineTV, it doesn’t mean the trio can’t be friends or play games together. In fact, they often join up with several other friends to play the latest releases.

The creators have a unique friendship with each other; moments like the time Mizkif ate Avacado off of Poki’s sock and when Mizkif joined Valkyrae on her comeback stream after a bit of drama is just a few of them.

During a November 10 stream with Poki, Valkyrae, and others, Mizkif was left horrified after Pokimane called him out for accidentally calling her Valkyrae’s nickname: “Rae.”

mizkif-switch-twitch-youtubeTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif recently announced his “Parasocial” game show that he will broadcast on Twitch.

Pokimane calls out Mizkif for using the wrong name

During a November 10 session of Crab Game with Pokimane, Ludwig, Corpse Husband, Dream, and Sykkuno on stream, the group began an especially tricky task completely relying on guesswork.

Showing multiple colored towers on a stage, the objective of the task is to choose the ‘safe’ towers which would leave the ‘bad’ tower standing. If a player happens to press the ‘bad’ colored tower, they will explode and lose the game.

Mizkif quickly chimed in with his vote for the ‘bad’ tower, calling out the blue one. Seconds after his call out, Corpse Husband pressed the blue button and exploded. Rinaudo instantly jumped up out of his chair and yelled: “I was right, Rae! Wait.”

Pokimane didn’t waste any time before responding: “Did you just call me Rae? That’s so awkward! It’s like saying the wrong name in bed.”

As Miz sat back down in his chair to show off his embarrassment and get back to the game, he yelled: “Get me out of here! Get me out of here!”

Pokimane wasn’t done roasting her buddy: “Miz, you’re a terrible friend. What do you want me to do, call you xQc next?”

He didn’t have any issue with her idea, as he explained he would just tell her “thank you.” However, Rinaudo did show his distaste when Poki mentioned she could call him Matthew.

The group had their share of laughs about the situation, and as soon as Mizkif’s face went back to normal color, they all went back to the game.