Viral Squid Game Christmas light show takes TikTok by storm

Squid Game christmas lights go viral tiktokNetflix / TikTok / Juliana Malta

A Christmas light hobbyist is taking TikTok by storm by integrating Netflix’s #1 show, Squid Game, with an interactive game of Red Light Green Light ahead of the holidays.

It’s only November, but self-described “pyrotechnic and lighting enthusiast” ‘Justinthelightguy’ is already going viral on TikTok for sharing the spirit of the holidays in a seriously unique way.

Justin’s TikTok account is completely dedicated to his impressive, over-the-top light shows that he puts on for Christmas and New Year’s. These videos have earned him an impressive following of 1.2 million fans, and several of his videos have gone viral on the platform.

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His latest creation takes inspiration from Netflix’s hit show ‘Squid Game,’ a Korean thriller that pits desperate debtors against one another in a series of deadly children’s games for a hefty cash prize.

Squid Game Christmas light show goes viral on TikTok

One of the more notable life-or-death games in the series is Red Light, Green Light. In a burst of creative genius, Justinthelight guy rigged his Christmas lights up to video and audio from this particular part of the show.

A large screen shows Squid Game’s terrifying robotic doll turning back and forth while audio blares from the speakers, indicating for players to stop or go at cues of “Red Light” or “Green Light.”

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The lights strung up around the house also turn red or green depending on the cue, and there are even a few Triangle guards standing watch in case anyone moves a muscle.

The video, uploaded to TikTok on October 20, is making the rounds on viewers’ For You Pages, and has garnered an impressive 23 million views at the time of writing (although we’re not certain how the neighbors feel about this display).

Known as the ‘TikTok House,’ Justin’s holiday light show is certainly impressive, leaving fans wondering what he’s got up his sleeve as the season goes on.

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