Ludwig reveals CrazySlick asked for money as he was going “broke” following allegations

Connor Bennett

Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Aghren has revealed that he was also asked for money by CrazySlick as he claimed he was going to go “broke” and that Lud owed him money.

On September 19, content creator CrazySlick was accused of sexual assault by fellow streamer Adrianna Lee amid claims from Trainwreck that Mizkif and others had helped cover it up.

After the accusations were made, a number of other female personalities came forward and revealed their interactions with Slick, with some accusing him of further sexual harassment with lewd direct messages across social media.

As the allegations stacked up, the streamer went “missing” but was eventually found by his pal Mizkif. Though, he was also kicked out of Miz’s content house. Now, Ludwig has revealed that Slick messaged him asking for money shortly after everything.

Ludwig reveals CrazySlick asked for money after allegations

The former Twitch star, who now streams on YouTube, stated that CrazySlick messaged him for cash after the controversy and asked for money as he believed he was going to go “broke” shortly.

“I got a DM from CrazySlick and he said ‘I think I’m going to go broke and need money, and I am owed from this tournament you ran’,” Ludwig said on The Yard podcast.

“And, although I do not agree with the actions he did, I also owe him money and I think it’s wrong to not pay out. This is a real DM. It was after the thing. Not like right after, it wasn’t like it came out and he was ‘yo, collecting a bag so he can go to Cancun’ but it was like this past week,” he added.

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The YouTuber didn’t reveal exactly how much Slick was owed from the tournament but noted it’s from the Multiversus event he ran back in August, where Slick was partnered with Pokelawls.

The streamer has remained off the internet since the allegations were brought against him, with his Twitter page now returning a deleted account. His Twitch channel is still active and partnered, however.

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