Ludwig breaks silence on Atrioc deepfake controversy

Ludwig in his February 1 Mogul Mail videoYouTube: Mogul Mail

Popular content creator Ludwig has addressed the Atrioc drama, condemning the actions of his friend, who purchased access to deepfakes of female streamers, including Ludwig’s girlfriend QTCinderella.

The controversy began when a clip was posted to the LivestreamFail Reddit, where Atrioc alt tabs out of the game, and a browser tab with a deepfake website can be seen. The website in question contained deepfake images and videos of various female streamers including Pokimane, Maya Higa, and QTCinderella.

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Pokimane, QTCinderella, Sweet Anita, and more made statements regarding the situation. Atrioc also gave his tearful apology on his Twitch channel.

On February 1, Ludwig released a video on the Mogul Mail channel simply titled “Atrioc”, in which he explains his feeling about this situation regarding his close friend and his girlfriend.

Ludwig speaks out over Atrioc deepfakes controversy

“It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Atrioc, one of my friends, was revealed on stream alt-tabbing which exposed that he paid for a deep fake p**n website of streamers, of his co-workers, of pretty much every woman you can think of on Twitch or YouTube, my girlfriend included,” said Ludwig.

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He then goes on to mention that a lot of people messaged him privately, angry that Ludwig is taking so long to make this video. “I hope you get that I prioritized being a boyfriend to my girlfriend, who’s had a very s**t past couple of days over being, like, Mogul mail guy,” Ludwig continued.

Ludwig also explained that “it didn’t feel like there was any other take to have than the one being expressed by all the women online”.

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And rather than making his own statements, he read some of the affected female streamer’s statements that he felt were more important than “a random dude’s opinion,” starting with Pokimane’s tweet.

After going though the tweets of the targeted women, Ludwig concluded:

“I do believe, maybe naively, that he isn’t, like, a sh***y, seedy person, who’s like secretly jacking off to my girlfriend. I don’t think, that that’s guy.”

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“I just hope, from here, he just takes all the steps and all the actions, you know, to make it better.”

“He wrote his own tweet, his apology on Twitter, how he’s stepping down from OFFBRAND to take time offline, and to take these steps. Time will tell and show the actions that he takes, if they’re fruitful, if they’re not,” concluded Ludwig.