Mizkif claims Trainwreck should be banned as Twitch gambling feud gets personal

mizkif vs trainwreck gambling dramaMizkif (YouTube)/Trainwreck (Twitch)

As Twitch’s largest streamers call for gambling to be banned from the platform, Trainwreck and Mizkif threw serious allegations at one another during a feud on Twitter.

On September 18, accusations came to light claiming that Twitch partner SlikeR had scammed his friends, viewers, and fellow streamers out of thousands of dollars over a period of two years. And in an apology on stream, SlikeR admitted to these accusations, stating that the scams were a result of his serious gambling addiction.

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Following this revelation, some of Twitch’s largest creators – including Pokimane and Mizkif – called for Twitch to ban gambling from the platform. While many streamers rallied around this idea, others weren’t on board.

Most notably, Twitch streamer and extensive gambler Trainwreck stood against the idea of banning gambling from the streaming service. Viewers have watched Train win and lose millions – lose more than win – and he almost constantly advises his fans not to gamble.

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Trainwreck and Mizkif get personal during gambling feud

Passionate stances regarding the gambling issue became visceral after Asmongold called Twitch a “disgrace” for not banning SlikeR after the news of his actions came to light.

Train responded, claiming that Asmon’s “pals” are using the SlikeR situation to “twist” the narrative and “wage war” against him. He also stated, “And we both know deep down why the insecure little man is doing this.” The “little man” presumably refers to Mizkif.

In a now-deleted tweet, Mizkif responded stating, “If we’re going to deplatform people for scamming others, shouldn’t we have banned you for jolt coin a few years back?” Jolt Coin is a cryptocurrency that Trainwreck was affiliated with in 2017.

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trainwreck mizkif tweets 2Mizkif (Twitter)
The now-delted tweet from Mizkif suggesting Trainwreck should have been banned for his involvement in Jolt Coin

Trainwreck would respond with hefty allegations of his own, stating, “Are you going to send Maya and Mitch to railroad and blackmail me like you did those girls to cover up all those sexual assaults you f**king scum bag piece of sh*t?”

He later clarified that Mizkif was not the assaulter, but he was instead claiming that Miz had “orchestrated the cover-ups for his friends.”

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Mizkif would also clarify in his offline chat on Twitch that Train wasn’t accusing Miz of sexual assault. He wrote, “No he’s talking about Slick,” in one message and, “When Maya and Mitch went over to talk to Adrianna Lee” in another.

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mizkif in offline chat

While their online monikers are similar, Mizkif is referring to a streamer named CrazySlick. Adrianna Lee recounted an uncomfortable experience they had with Slick in a TwitLonger they posted in July of 2021. She soon followed up with a Twitch stream of her own on September 19 to further detail the encounter.

Lee claimed she was passed out when Slick entered her room and touched her chest inappropriately, allegedly to “check her pulse.”

According to Lee’s retelling, Mizkif and Maya then “asked [her]” to downplay the situation when going public in that 2021 Twitlonger, as to help save Slick’s reputation.

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Refuting the claims in a Twitter thread that was quickly deleted, Slick claimed he has “never sexually assaulted anyone and never will.” From his perspective, he “[went out of his way] to check on someone” and in doing so, has been hit with “unfair” accusations. “I will be getting a lawyer ASAP,” he added.

“I never checked her pulse on her chest, I checked her neck and wrist only.”

Slick on TwitterTwitter: CrazySlick_
Slick issued a response on Twitter before deleting it all.

Mizkif has yet to address these allegations on Twitter, though a resurfaced clip from 2021 has been forced back into the spotlight. At the time, he acknowledged the incident as “sexual harassment” then looked to downplay it.

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“It’s not really a big deal, I don’t think people really gave a sh**” Mizkif claimed before abruptly ending his stream in light of being questioned. He’s yet to issue a response today as further details pour out online.

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